BioCity Group specialises in the creation and development of life science businesses. It provides homes and access to high-end equipment, shared services, training, business support and access to investment for new and growing bioscience businesses.

Over 200 companies are based in a BioCity Group business incubator, making the BioCity network one of the largest concentrations of life science businesses in the UK. The 91% survival rate of companies at BioCity in Nottingham tangibly demonstrates one of the benefits to a company of being located within the BioCity network.





In 2003 BioCity Nottingham was launched, one of the first Bioscience incubators in Europe, in 2012 BioCity established BioCity Scotland, near Glasgow, in 2013 BioHub at Alderley Park, later that year MediCity Nottingham on the Boots campus and in 2016 MediCity Scotland, near Glasgow.

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