Requirements for connectivity and VOIP services - MediCity
Requirements for connectivity and VOIP services - MediCity

Version 2.1 – 29/05/2014


MediCity require a significant cost-effective and scalable internet connectivity to enable both MediCity staff and tenants to have access for hosted servers, cloud services and general internet services.

MediCity’s Location is MediCity Nottingham, D6 Building West, Thane Road, Nottingham, NG90 6BH. This office is based on the Boots campus. Please use 52.925300, -1.195255 in google maps for the main entrance.

For the MediCity staff, tenants, conference attendees and guests this is to access email, storage, applications, websites and video conferencing etc. There is no requirement for direct dedicated site to site connectivity at present, this can be handled by other solutions such as VPN. MediCity staff also need to interact with other BioCity group companies via the internet.

MediCity need to offer internet access packages to tenants for dedicated bandwidth and also VOIP as the core primary basic IT service. Other IT services may be offered later. MediCity will require the ability to provide Wi-Fi to conference areas.

Total individuals via multiple once the building is fully occupied is expected to be between 800-1000 with 1000 conference delegates at anyone one time. The phone and network points will not need to supply the whole of those numbers as there will quite a few lab staff etc.

Location has network cabling in place, this will need validating and a new router \ switch \ Wi-Fi infrastructure implementing.

Additional network cabling will be required and this will be need to be included in the final price after a full site survey for implementing Wi-Fi and physical points.

All tenant connectivity requirements should be serviced by this option, but there needs to be a cost effective option to allow a tenant to bring other connectivity into the building and direct it onto their VLan instead of using the main connectivity.

Initial numbers should look towards 250 physical access points for phase 1, including wireless access points – Floor plans will be provided later in the process.

All suppliers must be able to support any digital vouchers or grants that may be applied for by MediCity


  1. Minimum capability of 1Gb line with options of sizing the amount of internet bandwidth, starting at 10mb minimum and increasing in segments of 10mb
  2. Appropriate firewall and internet security to protect end users with reporting
  3. Ability to resize the capacity within the 1Gb with 10 working days (up and down)
  4. Backup line capability running at minimum 10% of main line – routed to different external access point – alternative options considered in line with primary line SLA
  5. SLA (Service Level Agreement) – Provide reference figures for Uptime availability, Packet loss, Latency and Jitter
  6. Service coverage core hours 8am – 6pm Mon Fri – but service and support available 24 x 7 x 365
  7. Support – the provider will take on all support directly for all services to both BioCity Staff and Tenants (even if sub contracted)
  8. Reporting – SLA and Support will require monthly management reporting
  9. Provision of a dedicated account manager for both the BioCity Group site and tenants, same account manager for both
  10. Roll-out of standard connectivity + VOIP offering within 5 working days of request
  11. Agreed downtimes with at least 5 working days’ notice unless emergency downtime
  12. Ability to create Vlans for business units (tenant company, BioCity unit, Guest Wi-Fi or conference unit)
  13. Ability to package sizes of bandwidth to each business unit as required
  14. Ability to repackage bandwidth for individual business units within 1 working day
  15. Ability to allow specific tenant connectivity requirements own provider’s to be linked to a Vlan
  16. Guest Wi-Fi options to ensure no long term access with minimal management
  17. Wi-Fi access points supporting multiple SSID\VLAN or user profile for each business unit
  18. Switches supporting remote management of VLANs for all wired access points and integration to customers Wi-Fi
  19. Provision of VOIP services for all BioCity staff and Tenants (options to be provided)
  20. Telephone number provision - If non-geographic 08* and local (area) numbers are provided these will become the property of the user at any contract termination     
  21. Ability to either,  invoice customers directly or provide invoice information to the BioCity site team in an electronic format (as a minimum split out by service, collated by customer)
  22. Unlimited public IP Address Allocation (following normal IP allocation guidelines)
  23. Ability to monitor bandwidth usage (internal network \ external connectivity)
  24. Supplier to provide evidence of their real-time network and systems monitoring software
  25. Network infrastructure to gigabit Ethernet
  26. Network infrastructure to support POE (power over Ethernet)
  27. Network infrastructure and internet bandwidth to support Video Conferencing
  28. Network infrastructure to be UPS protected
  29. Network infrastructure to be under guaranteed repair \ replacement SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  30. Network cabling to be checked and additional cabling to be installed to ensure wi-fi, fixed network points and comms room to comms are complete
  31. Ability to utilise QoS (Quality of Service) \ traffic policies for specific network traffic
  32. Ability for tenants to use their own inbound data services (in specials cases) but allowing the service provider to charge Vlan usage only
  33. Cost Models
    1. Implementation costs to be detailed even if incorporated into a monthly fee – options to be offered for upfront or blended monthly costing’s
    2. Overall bandwidth monthly fee
    3. Per user monthly fee (details of either per tenant \ per tenant staff \ per VOIP TBA \ per network point)
    4. Provide call costs for VOIP
    5. Provide costs for each increase step in internet band width
    6. Provide a per unit cost for each switch \ Wi-Fi etc. for modelling after the first implementation
    7. Provide a per point wiring cost for modelling after the first implementation
    8. Other service offers will be document with costs, set up times, SLA and contract lengths
    9. Contracting – the main contract will be with the BioCity group site (the umbrella), tenant services will be contracted with each tenant – alternative options to be considered
    10. Each BioCity group site that is commissioned will be treated as a separate entity for any commercials or invoicing
    11. Where more than one BioCity group site is commissioned, any commercial benefits will be split equally back to each separate entity


Form of Submission

You can submit your quotation electronically

  • The preferred format for your complete quotation is PDF
  • The email to submit your complete quotation to is


Decision Criteria

Quotations will be assessed using the following criteria

  • Compliance to specifications - Meets specification requirements
  • Capability / Capacity - Experience in the industry
  • Customer service, Past Performance and Current Work - Referee’s view
  • Ability to deliver to required timescales
  • Innovation
  • Value for Money
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