BioCity Scotland
BioCity Scotland

BioCity Scotland is the location for growing and ambitious life science businesses in Scotland

With more than 130,000 sq ft. of state-of-the-art chemistry and biology laboratories, access to shared services, training, business support and investment; BioCity Scotland is dedicated to helping you build your businesses.

Located on the M8/A8 between Glasgow and Edinburgh, the 20 acre site it is ideally situated for both cities and airports. 

The facility was previously owned and built by Organon Laboratories, the quality of the fit-out and the utility of the space is exceptional, with high levels of security.

On site, there is an impressive range of high quality research equipment to rent such as Nuclear Magnetic Resonance machines, Mass Spectrometers and High Performance Liquid Chromotagraphy machines, as well as standard apparatus such as centrifuges, balances and microscopes.


Space available, contact us today on:

+44 (0)1698 539 607