BioCity Scotland
BioCity Scotland

BioCity Scotland has quickly established itself as a centre point in Scotland's life sciences.

BioCity Scotland is a joint venture with Roslin BioCentre and was founded in early 2012, following the acquisition of a former MSD research facility at Newhouse. It has since become the centre for a wide range of research, training, events and thought leadership in the life sciences industry.

BioCity Scotland provides more than 130,000 sq feet of high specification chemistry and biology laboratories and office space, available for rent to companies in the bioscience, pharmaceutical, medtech and healthcare industries.

The research facilities include an impressive range of high quality research equipment such as Nuclear Magnetic Resonance machines, Mass Spectrometers and High Performance Liquid Chromotagraphy machines, as well as standard apparatus such as centrifuges, balances and microscopes.

BioCity Scotland is located on the M8 just 13 miles from Glasgow and 35 miles from Edinburgh. Edinburgh airport is 25 minutes away.