BioCity is an ambitious business incubator supporting the growth of ambitious life-science businesses, so we ‘get it’. We understand that entrepreneurs are not ‘an Everyman’, they work with a determination, a drive, an endless energy and commitment to turn a great idea into reality.


At its inception, BioCity was labelled a ‘white elephant’. The concept of a business incubator offering 360° support within a self-contained campus was unheard of. But a small team of dedicated people fought hard to turn that great idea into reality, a reality now replicated throughout the UK. But we’re not finished yet.


MediCity Scotland | MedTech business incubator | Est 2016 | Lanarkshire 


BioCity Nottingham | BioTech business incubator | Est 2003 | Nottingham 


BioCity Scotland | BioTech business incubator | Est 2012 | Lanarkshire 


MediCity Nottingham | MedTech business incubator | Est 2013 | Beeston


Not limited to the standard ‘business incubator’ model, the ever-growing team at BioCity work tirelessly for the companies who call us home and the industry we are proud to be a part of.


More than the ‘typical’ business incubator

An eye to the future

The BioCity business accelerator programme gives an initial leg-up to the next generation of entrepreneurs.  Hosted at all BioCity business incubators, participants come with the SPARK of an idea and discover how their great idea can become a reality, DEVELOP those ideas into robust models and LAUNCH new businesses. 


Our companies come first

The BioCity name continually attracts investment, collaboration, media and PR opportunities, opportunities we use to promote the companies who choose to call us home. Seen us on national BBC news recently? No, but you will have seen our companies, because we ensure the business who choose to call us home remain at the forefront. 


We surround ourselves with the best

The UK wide BioCity Expert Network is an incredible talent pool of mentors and collaborators of senior pharma and healthcare experts, investors, serial entrepreneurs and scientific and business specialists for BioCity based companies and accelerator graduates to tap into. 


We know our stuff

Produced annually, the BioCity UK Life Science Startup Report delves into the wider landscape of life-science startups and business incubators. An invaluable tool for those who want to be in the know.

2012 was BioCity Nottingham’s 10th anniversary