Event Furniture, Staging and AV Services
Event Furniture, Staging and AV Services

Event Furniture, Staging and AV Services


BioCity Nottingham is seeking to appoint an Event furniture (indoor), Staging and AV hire service on behalf of its subsidiary company MediCity.  BioCity Nottingham’s in-house team has designed a number of events to be delivered on three days:  12 November (for filming purposes only and tentative at this time) and for our main event which will take place on the 19th November (up to 70 people) and on the 21st (up to 250 people).

 The response should include at least the following items.  Other equipment may be required:

  • Indoor Seating (For a café style area within a large room)
  • Indoor Tables: Small Bistro Style and Poseur tables
  • Barriers – roped to define areas with a large room or to avoid entry to closed off areas
  • Coat Rails and Hangers
  • Table ware  - for hot and cold drinks only
  • Hot water urns to cater for up to 250 guests
  • Trestle tables for catering purposes
  • Table Cloths
  • Portable Screens (large)
  • Audio Visual Equipment – portable microphones (lapel and handheld)
  • Small circular staging segments to create three or four small stages for one to two people



Requirement specification

Estimated value of [service/goods/works]


Procurement route


Estimated length of works programme

 3 days

Location of works

 MediCity, D6 Building West, Thane Road, Nottingham NG90 6BH

General scope of works

Furniture hire, Staging and AV Equipment


Your response

We invite you to provide a quote for the above Requirement specification.

  • As part of your response you must provide the following: A comprehensive equipment and furniture price list supported by product images
  • Individual hire charges for one day and for 3 days
  • Clear guidelines on equipment requiring technical support onsite i.e. AV and all costs associated with this.
  • Delivery, room set up and set down plus collection costs to one address
  • Any person or authority for the undertaking of this service. No claim may be made for any expenses incurred in the preparation of the quotation
  • An estimated programme for delivery of requirements, including identification of any items with long lead times, or other known items that could impact on your delivery of the requirements (for example holiday shutdowns)
  • A brief description of your organisation’s ability and experience relative to the supply of the requirements.
  • Highlight any works to be sub-contracted (provide details including proposed sub-contractors).
  • Relevant Guarantee and Warranty information
  • Insurance details (both professional indemnity and public liability).
  • A copy of your standard terms and conditions
  • Company details, including:
  • Third party suppliers involved with this service
  • Full name of organisation quoting
  • Organisation address
  • Organisation contact details
  • Representative details
  • All relevant interests that will or may represent an actual or potential conflict of interest
  • Details of [three] referees who can confirm your organisations ability to supply the [service/goods/works], including Company name, contact person and contact details.


Selection criteria

 Quotations will be assessed using the following criteria. Listed in no particular order:

  • Range and quality of products on offer
  • Past Performance and Current Work – Referees’ view
  • Customer service
  • Innovation
  • Value for Money
  • Cost effective solution


Submitting your quotation

You can submit your quotation electronically, The preferred format for your complete quotation is PDF. The email to submit your complete quotation to is procurement@biocity.co.uk

 When emailing your complete quotation, please start your email subject with the ITQ ref detailed at the top of this document.This can either be hand delivered or mailed to:

Alternatively, you can submit your quotation in hard copy:
Jeanette Ives
REF:  MediCity Events
BioCity Nottingham Ltd
Pennyfoot Street


Any queries regarding this Invitation to Quote should be sent to procurement@biocity.co.uk; please start your email subject with the ITQ ref:  MediCity Innovators Week. Only questions posed through this email address will be considered and responded to.

Your complete quotation must be received by BioCity Nottingham Ltd by COB 24th October 2013


Submission of a quotation in response to this Invitation to Quote authorises BioCity Nottingham Ltd to make inquiries to determine the financial and technical capabilities of the organisation quoting.



Additional information

 This project will receive funding from the European Regional Development Fund, and as such procurement of all services and works directly related to the project will be subject to current ERDF National Procurement Requirements (ERDF-GN-1-004 v2), ERDF National Publicity Requirements (ERDF-GN-1-005 v3), documentation retention and other relevant requirements.