Expert Consultant
Expert Consultant

Your Expression of Interest is invited for the supply of Expert Consultant services to support new and existing Enterprise Zone employers to establish and/or grow their businesses and through this to create Skills Funding Agency (SFA) funded skills pathways to newly created jobs and to provide SFA funded skills development to their existing workforce.

A key MediCity objective is to ensure that Enterprise Zone employers have access to an appropriately skilled workforce.  

One of the most significant barriers to generating jobs within the Enterprise Zone is identifying and recruiting appropriate businesses and supporting them in creating and sustaining skilled jobs.  Appraising them of the benefits of relocation in a way that is tailored to their specific needs requires the support of experts who understand the needs of the businesses and who can articulate the benefits of relocation to the Enterprise Zone and support the relocation and rapid growth.  The scope ranges from start-ups and small companies to international corporates who may aspire to start ventures within an Enterprise Zone environment.

Potential enterprise zone employers face significant barriers in securing a workforce, particularly from the perspective of aligning key skills with their areas of need.  This is exacerbated because the type of companies that would consider locating at MediCity will require workers with specialist skills, including medical products / clinical diagnostics product development, manufacture, validation and sales.

It is anticipated that many positions could be filled by local skilled workers together with apprentices, if the employers could receive support in identifying the specific job needs and aligning these with an apprentice programme and suitable candidates.  It is proposed that funding support is applied to develop an appropriately skilled workforce and talent pool of candidates.

Key deliverables for the Business Growth and Skills Plan

Enable MediCity-based start-up / SME companies to:

1. Develop cohesive business-growth and skills plans.

2. Identify staffing structure including existing and new  roles and where appropriate workforce skills needs and SFA funded training programmes

3. Accelerate growth and create a minimum of 2 (start-ups) or 3 (SME’s) new positions within the next 12 months.

Business Growth and Skills Plan should include

- a full business plan, including objectives, strategy, platform, competitive differentiation, IP, partnerships and channels to market, financials , management team and risk mitigation strategies.

- A full skills plan, including,  identification of skills needs of existing and future workforce and appropriate skills progression routes (to enable candidates in the local labour market to secure employment), identification of appropriate recruitment support, a long term skills development strategy linked to local skills supply chain (to ensure creation and sustainability of valuable long term skilled jobs).

- The Business Growth and Skills plan should also be summarised within a Gant-style project plan, highlighting timelines, deliverables, resource requirements and inter-dependencies, with a particular focus on skills development.

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