BioCity Nottingham
BioCity Nottingham

For the bright sparks of biotech startups

BioTech startups are inimitable with specific needs, priorities (and quirks) that generic business incubators and science parks just can’t meet. Enter BioCity.

BioCity campuses are designed with BioTech startups in-mind.

Whilst the workshop and office space of MediCity is the perfect home for MedTechs, at BioCity, BioTech startups find everything they need under one roof.

Easy-in, easy-out lab rental

Take on new projects and new people, not the risk of lengthy leases with lab space to rent with just 1 months’ notice.

Work with the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and scale back with just 3 months’ notice.

The flexible and modular lab space for Biotech startups at BioCity within Class 1 and 2, GCP and GMP life science labs with fully extracted and recirculating fume hoods

Make it your own

Layout not quite working for you? With our in-house engineering team, get the essentials like benching, data points and storage just right for your team and the way they work.

Access high-end equipment

Rent state-of-the-art lab equipment by the hour, including:

• Mass Spec
• Rotary evaporators
• Centrifuge

Access shared core facilities

• Autoclave
• Glass wash
• Washing machines/dryers
• Cold rooms
• Gas and waste solvent stores
• Ice machine
• Water purification system
• Buying schemes on lab consumables

Understanding BioTech startups

Investing in the softer side of business support, BioCity regularly hosts ‘Wise Words, In Conversation with…’ salon-style events. BioTech industry leaders share their thoughts, experiences and most importantly, the lessons learnt over a beer or two with our invited audience of BioCity business leaders. Learn from the best and connect with the community.

Industry perks

The cluster effect of BioCity attracts benefits and opportunities not typically available to BioTech startups. Invitation-only pitching competitions, investment opportunity roundups, unique collaborations and trade visits are regular features for BioCity based BioTech startups.

Meet some of the BioTech startups within the BioCity family:
BioCity Nottingham BioTech startups
BioCity Scotland BioTech startups

To discuss available space, to take a look around or simply to come and say hi,

contact us on: (0)1159 124 210




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