Alderley Park Ventures
Alderley Park Ventures

Do you have a new idea for a business? Do you need capital to progress your idea? Alderley Park Ventures may be able to help. 

We can provide Pre-seed (<£80k) and Seed capital (£80-£500k) to help kick start your business:


Key criteria for companies seeking investment from the fund include:

  • Life sciences
  • Based at the Alderley Park site
  • Ideally early stage or start up / spin out
  • Well known to BioCity, ideally because the business has progressed through BioCity's start-up programme
  • Maximum investment in any one company is £500,000


Alderley Park Ventures Standard Terms:

Standard Terms (Pre-seed <£80K)

  • Typically convertible loan (discount to next round valuation)
  • 4-8% interest
  • No processing fee, modest monitoring fee
  • No set valuation
  • Board / observer seat


Standard Terms (Seed Capital >£80K)

  • Typical terms: Convertible Loan
  • Repayment term: 8-36 months
  • 4-8% interest
  • Typically no processing fee
  • Modest monitoring fee
  • Convertible discount (to next round valuation)
  • Board seat


Typical terms: Equity Investment

  • Typically equity (variable)
  • No processing fee
  • Modest monitoring fee
  • Board seat


“We are very pleased that AstraZeneca has chosen BioCity to manage these funds, not only to support the growth of a new generation of life science businesses at Alderley Park  but also to make sound investment decisions that aim to replenish and grow this evergreen fund over time."

Dr Louis Nisbet, BioCity Chairman