Alderley Park Ventures
Alderley Park Ventures

Do you have a new idea for a business? Do you need capital to progress your idea? Alderley Park Ventures may be able to help. 

We can provide Pre-seed (<£80k) and Seed capital (£80-£500k) to help kick start your business:


Key criteria for companies seeking investment from the fund include:

  • Life sciences
  • Based at the Alderley Park site
  • Ideally early stage or start up / spin out
  • Well known to BioCity, ideally because the business has progressed through BioCity's start-up programme
  • Maximum investment in any one company is £500,000


Alderley Park Ventures Standard Terms:

Standard Terms (Pre-seed <£80K)

  • Typically convertible loan (discount to next round valuation)
  • 4-8% interest
  • No processing fee, modest monitoring fee
  • No set valuation
  • Board / observer seat


Standard Terms (Seed Capital >£80K)

  • Typical terms: Convertible Loan
  • Repayment term: 8-36 months
  • 4-8% interest
  • Typically no processing fee
  • Modest monitoring fee
  • Convertible discount (to next round valuation)
  • Board seat


Typical terms: Equity Investment

  • Typically equity (variable)
  • No processing fee
  • Modest monitoring fee
  • Board seat


“We are very pleased that AstraZeneca has chosen BioCity to manage these funds, not only to support the growth of a new generation of life science businesses at Alderley Park  but also to make sound investment decisions that aim to replenish and grow this evergreen fund over time."