Absynth Biologics discovers and develops vaccines and antibodies to prevent and treat bacterial infections based on proprietary, non-conventional platform for identifying novel protein antigen that harness the immune system and that use a dual-action mechanism. 



Alderley Analytical is a bespoke provider of preclinical and clinical Bioanalytical laboratory and consultancy services to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. We support the development of small and large molecule therapeutics, generics and biomarkers in all stages of the drug development process, from discovery to post marketing (including bioavailability and bioequivalence).



Ammun Ltd

Ammun Ltd, an early stage company that are developing drugs for orphan Liver disease



BiVictrix Therapeutics Ltd, an early stage Oncology company that are developing the next generation of Antibody drug conjugate Therapy for hematological cancers.  The company is a spin out of ADC Bio, a contract manufacturing company based in St Assaphs in Wales. The founders are Tiffany Thorn and Peter Jackson and co-investors include a selection of private investors and Finance wales.




Immuno-oncology focused company developing therapeutic antibodies against a variety of solid and haematological tumours.  The company’s chosen target offers a dual mechanism of action, ultimately allowing reversal of tumour evasion of the immune system, one of the hottest field in cancer treatment currently

 Based @ BioHub



Neudrive Limited is developing patented technology for the production of organic thin film transistors for use in flexible displays, sensors and diagnostic devices using high performance organic semiconductor materials. 



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