Based at BioHub
Based at BioHub
  • 3SL Consulting Ltd
    3SL Consulting Ltd

    3SL Consulting provides project and programme management delivery and consultancy for IT projects within the pharmaceutical sector.

  • 4Motiv

    At 4Motiv we are experts in helping people to create impact with video. From animated infographics to live action filming we know how to make the best use of technology, resources and budgets. We create videos to enhance websites, for small presentations and to create impact at a live event or an exhibition. 

  • Absynth Biologics Ltd
    Absynth Biologics Ltd

    Absynth Biologics discovers and develops vaccines and antibodies to prevent and treat bacterial infections based on proprietary, non-conventional platform for identifying novel protein antigen that harness the immune system and that use a dual-action mechanism. 

  • Academy of Infection Management (AIM) Ltd
    Academy of Infection Management (AIM) Ltd

    An independent, not-for-profit, clinician-directed company, supported by a global Faculty of clinicians with an interest in Infectious Disease.

  • Acceleris Capital Ltd
    Acceleris Capital Ltd

    Acceleris Capital Ltd is an established corporate finance boutique, in operation since 2000. Acceleris Capital has an expertise in arranging and managing investments by private individuals under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and under the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme, as well as taking an active role in the management of the companies. Acceleris has,to date, arranged funds in excess of £70m into over 40 companies through more than 100 transactions. 

  • Aerobit Health Ltd
    Aerobit Health Ltd

    Aerobit Health technologies empowers asthmatics to breathe easy.

  • AG Communications
    AG Communications

    We are innovative and flexible, specialising in change management, employee engagement, content development, leadership coaching and event consultancy.

  • Agenda1

    Agenda1 deliver high quality analytical support to companies across a varied range of industries, including Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Medical Device, Nicotine based products, and many others

  • Alderley Analytical
    Alderley Analytical

    Alderley Analytical is a bespoke provider of preclinical and clinical Bioanalytical laboratory and consultancy services to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. 

  • Alembia Intellectual Property Ltd
    Alembia Intellectual Property Ltd

    We are a firm of UK Chartered and European Patent Attorneys specialising in pharmaceuticals, life sciences and chemistry. We provide strategic, outcome-focussed IP advice, working with our clients to develop and execute smart IP strategies that are right for their business.



  • Anne Williams
    Anne Williams

    I am a European Patent Attorney and Chartered Patent Attorney and in my role as Senior Associate at WP Thompson am available to provide all aspects of patent support in the chemical and chemical life sciences area, including drafting and prosecuting patent applications and providing advice on freedom to operate and patent infringement.

  • ApconiX

    ApconiX provides bespoke nonclinical safety strategies to maximise the value of pharmaceutical assets at all stages of drug discovery and development.  From target review to regulatory approval, ApconiX will help organisations to assess, reduce and manage risk and make a better decision on the drug candidate.  We will design and deliver the optimal non-clinical strategy for the rapid implementation of clinical programmes, through to marketing approval, helping organisations bring safe, effective, profitable drugs to market.

  • Aptus Clinical
    Aptus Clinical

    Aptus Clinical is a specialist contract clinical research provider whose aim is to provide high quality clinical research expertise to biotechs, pharma and academia through a network of highly experienced freelance experts

  • ARC QMS Ltd
    ARC QMS Ltd

    Our focus is on the academic and scientific research community, ensuring compliance to any business, legal or regulatory requirements. We offer a wide range of services; Quality Management System implementation, GAP Analysis, Management, Auditing, Web based development and solutions.

  • Automated Technologies Ltd
    Automated Technologies Ltd

    Automated Technologies Ltd is a British design and engineering company based in south Manchester, with 25yrs experience of supplying automation solutions using robots, electronics and software.
    We adapt the most appropriate technology and machine design to help you implement your scientific research, increase throughput and consistency with more efficient, lower production costs - whatever your process.

  • Bardsley Associates Limited
    Bardsley Associates Limited

    Bardsley Associates provides clinical outsourcing and procurement services to the Pharmaceutical industry. We offer collaborative, results orientated Procurement Professionals with extensive experience in the Pharmaceutical industry.

  • Bioclough Consultants Ltd
    Bioclough Consultants Ltd

    A consultancy company providing advice to start-up companies and university commercialisation/IP teams in the fields of medical diagnostics, medical devices, medical/biochemical research tools and related areas. The consultant is an experienced management professional with over 35 years experience in the medical biotech space working for a succession of companies in senior management and board roles and with a strong record of successful product launches and commercialisation.

  • Bionow

    Bionow is the membership organisation for the biomedical / life-sciences industry in the North of England.

  • BioScience Innovations Ltd
    BioScience Innovations Ltd

    BioScience Innovations Ltd is a consultancy specialising in planning and executing new scientific opportunities.  Experience in writing and reviewing business plans, constructing research and early development plans. Experienced in biologics and small molecules in inflammation, autoimmunity and immuno-oncology.

  • Bio-Shape

    Bio-Shape has developed cutting edge technology based on mass spectrometry techniques which enables the analysis of biomolecules and their behaviours, in exquisite unprecedented detail.

  • BiVictriX Therapeutics
    BiVictriX Therapeutics

    BiVictriX Therapeutics Ltd is a North-West based biotech focused on developing and licensing novel, highly-selective, bispecific Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) to target unmet medical need in blood cancer. 

  • Blossom Medical
    Blossom Medical

    Blossom medical is a consultancy company offering expertise in clinical, medical affairs, business development and insight activities that lets the science do the talking.

  • Blueberry Therapeutics Ltd
    Blueberry Therapeutics Ltd

    Blueberry Therapeutics Ltd. is a modern drug discovery and development company

  • Bob Jennings Creative
    Bob Jennings Creative

    Bob Jennings Creative offers design solutions for Medical Communications and Pharmaceutical companies. With seventeen years’ experience in the medical education environment, I have provided illustrative and creative work ranging from brand identities and symposium themes, to medical illustration, mode of action schematics, infographics and interactive design. 

  • Bruin Biometrics
    Bruin Biometrics

    BBI focuses on developing solutions for wound care, orthopedic care and real-time data capture. Using passive sensor technology and portable devices to produce actionable data for evidence-based assessments. Innovation is realized through collaboration between R&D and clinical teams. BBI applies rigorous scientific, technical and clinical standards to drive product development and address urgent clinical needs

  • B-V Life Sciences
    B-V Life Sciences

    B-V Life Sciences provides consultancy support for botechnology and healthcare companies. Support includes business plannning, financing strategies, R&D startegy, business development

  • CellCentric

    CellCentric was formed as a pioneer in epigenetics. An early aggregator of knowledge in the emerging area of understanding of cell fate control mechanisms, with links to over 25 leading international laboratories.

  • Changera Limited
    Changera Limited

    Changera Ltd are change management consultants with a mindful difference.

    We help private and public sector organisations to plan, manage and successfully deliver change and its consequential impact. We design workable health & wellbeing strategies that include the application of Mindfulness in a business and home life setting.

  • Clariscript Communications Ltd
    Clariscript Communications Ltd

    Clariscript Communications Ltd works collaboratively with teams to provide services in medical writing, project management, and consultancy on clinical trial disclosure requirements, to the bioscience industry.

  • Clarostat Consulting Ltd
    Clarostat Consulting Ltd

    Clarostat Consulting Limited provides statistical consultancy services to the pharmaceutical industry. We specialise in health technology assessment (HTA) and value insight for health products.  Our analyses and advice provide clear value messages, so that payers can easily decide to reimburse your medicine or device.

  • Clinical Trial Solutions
    Clinical Trial Solutions

    Clinical Trial Solutions is a specialist contract clinical research provider serving biotechs & pharma with high quality, bespoke trial management services and expertise.

  • CLYZ Labs Ltd
    CLYZ Labs Ltd

    CLYZ LABS Limited is a new company created to establish the first chemo-sensitivity laboratory based on 3D Cell cultures for Personalised Cancer treatment in the UK. It will provide an opportunity for a direct investment in the development and commercialisation of a specialised diagnostic test for cancer patients from its tissue culture facility. Additionally Clyz labs will provide contract pharmaceutical research facility for High Throughput Drug Screening and In-vitro Testing of Molecules on Human tissues Prior to first in Human studies.

  • Colibri Scientific Ltd
    Colibri Scientific Ltd

    Colibri Scientific Ltd provides flexible laboratory operational and scientific services to clinical investigators, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies running small to medium scale multi centre studies. 

  • Core Precision
    Core Precision

    Core Precision provides expertise across all aspects of drug-diagnostic co-development and commercialisation to deliver diagnostic strategies that drive the successful development and market uptake of our clients therapies. We bring integrated expertise across all aspects of drug-diagnostic co-development, expertise in progressing numerous therapies alongside companion diagnostics from discovery through clinical development and successful launch and uptake in markets around the world.

  • CozChemIx Limited
    CozChemIx Limited

    CozChemIx Limited provides consultancy and software development primarily in the areas of computational chemistry, cheminformatics and machine learning.

  • CPVS

    CPVS is a focussed consulting firm, specialised in providing pharmacovigilance and clinical services for drug development, product registration, and life cycle management to the bio- and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Curlew Research
    Curlew Research

    Curlew Research enables better Health & Life Science research through our expertise in informatics & strategy development including collaboration, externalisation, data sharing and integration across the complete workflow.

  • Cytox Ltd
    Cytox Ltd

    Cytox Ltd is a diagnostic company working to transform clinical management and drug development for Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).  The company a unique scientific and proprietary genetic assay which is being developed to enable the early identification of MCI patients at risk from cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.   Our patented technology is supported by a strong body of clinical research data which links dysregulation of signalling in the mTOR pathway with dementia risk.  Our work on the genetic aspects of mTOR biology and Alzheimer’s Disease risk is carried out in partnership with world leading geneticists, including Professor John Hardy at UCL.

  • DaneStat Consulting
    DaneStat Consulting

    DaneStat Consulting provides statistical consultancy, specialising in regulatory and pharmaceutical drug development statistics.

  • Datatrial Ltd
    Datatrial Ltd

    Datatrial operate in the life science sector offering our proprietary EDC system (nowEDC™), data management, bio-statistical and consulting services.

  • Deaville&Co Ltd
    Deaville&Co Ltd

    Deaville&Co Ltd provide complimentary UK, European and Global venue sourcing to corporate clientele looking for hotel accommodation, event and meeting space.

  • DL Toxicology Consulting
    DL Toxicology Consulting

    DL Toxicology Consulting Ltd provides professional advice and consultancy services relating to toxicology and human health to the agrochemical, pharmaceutical and general chemical industries.

  • Dr Regenold GmbH
    Dr Regenold GmbH

    Dr Regenold GmbH is specialised in development, regulatory and market access. Founded in 1994 we have helped many clients progress their product developments, by providing scientific and regulatory advice, through to gaining regulatory approval and marketing authorisation nationally and internationally.Dr. Regenold GmbH is your passport to Europe.

  • East Cheshire Hospice
    East Cheshire Hospice

    East Cheshire Hospice is a warm and welcoming space for adults facing life limiting illnesses. We serve the communities of Macclesfield, Buxton, High Legh, High Peak, Knutsford, Poynton, Wilmslow, Prestbury, Alderley Edge, Congleton and the surrounding areas. Providing care, comfort and compassionate support to patients and their loved ones is our number one priority. 

  • Elixir Software Ltd
    Elixir Software Ltd

    Elixir Software Ltd is a provider of web-based, highly visual, scientific workflow management solutions (tracking boards), that enhance R&D portfolio / project communication, collaboration and enable better decision making

  • Energy & Carbon
    Energy & Carbon

    Life science research laboratory and pharmaceutical manufacuturing facility environmental consultants

  • Epistem

    Epistem is a UK Biotechnology & Diagnostics company

  • Ethical Reach
    Ethical Reach

    Ethical Reach provides consultancy and training options for Multichannel/Digital and Agile marketing and project delivery for the Lifesciences sector.

  • Evgen Pharma PLC
    Evgen Pharma PLC

    Evgen Pharma is a clinical stage drug development company focused on cancer and neurological disease. Our pipeline is based on our proprietary Sulforadex® technology, and includes a number of synthetic, stabilised analogues of the naturally occurring compound sulforaphane. Many peer-reviewed scientific papers have identified the medical potential of sulforaphane in multiple indications.

  • Facts for Life
    Facts for Life

    Facts for Life is a specialist educational provider of scientific enrichment programmes.

    We have a track record in developing a deeper breadth of knowledge that empowers students to make informed life choices.

    Students are actively encouraged to adopt an open, creative and independent mindset.

    We offer complete flexibility – programmes are tailored to age, ability, class size and timetables.

  • FasT Biopharma
    FasT Biopharma

    FasT Biopharma develops novel experimental therapies that harness natural immunity to treat cancer.

  • Fisher Scientific
    Fisher Scientific

    As the UK’s leading supplier of laboratory chemicals, consumables, life science products and equipment, Fisher Scientific distributes own label and branded products to 40,000 customers in the British Isles and selected overseas markets. In the UK, we list over 170,000 products. Find out more…

  • Forecast Insight Ltd
    Forecast Insight Ltd

    It  is essential to create high quality forecasts which provide the backbone underpinning complex investment decisions in the Pharma business.

     However, it is just as important that forecasts are communicated to decision makers transparently and coupled with the assumptions that drive these  forecasts.

     Pharma Forecast Insight provides, in one system, this essential context decision makers need.

     ‘Transparency, Trust, Confidence’

  • Gelexir Healthcare Ltd
    Gelexir Healthcare Ltd

    Gelexir Healthcare Ltd, originating from the University of Manchester, is introducing a novel, non-surgical procedure for the treatment of Chronic Lower Back Pain (CLBP) caused by Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD). DDD is addressed at an early stage before the onset of irreversible disc degeneration.

  • GEM Programming Solutions
    GEM Programming Solutions

    GEM Programming Solutions offers high quality Statistical Programming expertise and leadership to the Pharmaceutical and Biotech sectors.

    We have a wealth of SAS Programming, Leadership, Alliance Management and Clinical Trial experience to offer, spanning Phase I to IV and submissions in the Oncology, Infection, Inflammation and Respiratory therapy areas.

  • Gendius Ltd
    Gendius Ltd

    We work in mHealth (mobile health) and use technology to measure and improve outcomes for patients with chronic diseases. Our solutions are made in collaboration with patients and healthcare professionals, so that we truly understand their needs. We then use our experience from the Pharmaceutical Industry to test our solutions so that we know they can help improve outcomes. 

  • Genedata

    Now in our 20th year, Genedata is one of the worlds leading Scientific Informatics company. Recognised globally, we partner with innovative scientific research companies and institutes of all sizes to provide world leading scientific informatics solutions and software.

  • Gentronix Ltd
    Gentronix Ltd

    Gentronix Ltd provides genotoxicity screening products and services for companies who develop new compounds in fields such as pharmaceuticals, agrichemicals, flavours and fragrances, personal care and consumer products

  • GM Software Training Specialists Ltd
    GM Software Training Specialists Ltd

    GM Software Training Specialists provide live online instructor led software training.  Our training model is application specific training which focuses on elements of the software.  We currently offer Microsoft Office and Bioinformatics courses. 

  • Greenlight Computers
    Greenlight Computers

    Greenlight Computers designs, implements & maintains outsourced IT Services & Solutions. We work with clients to understand their business strategy and ensure their IT Infrastructure & Applications enable success. We advise on the best practice mix of Cloud & On-Premise solutions for the clients business & the regulations they operate within.

  • Greenway Medcomms
    Greenway Medcomms

    Greenway Medcomms Ltd is a Medical Communications Agency specialising in Medical Affairs Support, Communications and Publication Management. Ian and Beverley are both scientifically trained, have both worked in Medical Affairs, R&D and Global Marketing and have a keen awareness of the needs of medical and clinical teams, marketing companies, customers and patients. 

  • GWM Preclinical Consulting Ltd
    GWM Preclinical Consulting Ltd

    GWM Preclinical Consulting Ltd provides professional advice and consultancy services relating to DMPK, toxicology and human health to the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and general chemical industries.

  • Headway Quality Evolution Ltd
    Headway Quality Evolution Ltd

    Headway Quality Evolution is an independent provider of quality assurance support services to the life science industry.  We provide services to all sizes of organisation, but specialise in supporting start-ups and growing organisations as they navigate the regulatory landscape and build efficient and effective procedures.

  • Helios Medical Communications
    Helios Medical Communications

    Helios Medical Communications is a full-service independent global healthcare communications and strategic consultancy agency. We specialise in delivering bespoke solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

    Helios Medical Communications: Intelligent thinking, creative solutions, trusted delivery

  • Hematogenix

    Hematogenix is a specialized CRO with global outreach established in 2007. Our state-of-the-art facilities in both USA & Europe (UK) span 32,000 square feet and are specially designed to optimize work flow and promote department collaboration

  • HGF Limited
    HGF Limited

    HGF is one of the fastest-growing, specialist science & technology practices comprising over 100 patent and trade mark agents and lawyers with 10 offices across the country, including Manchester and London.

  • High Force Research Ltd
    High Force Research Ltd

    High Force Research Ltd offers confidential, high quality services for outsourced synthesis and R&D from the scale of grams to kilos including: chemical R&D; process development; contract synthesis; scale up; traceable manufacture, GMP manufacture (MHRA certified) and analysis. 

  • Highbury Regulatory Science Limited
    Highbury Regulatory Science Limited

    Highbury Regulatory Science provides drug development expertise and regulatory support to discovery and development companies across a diverse range of therapeutic areas.

  • Immundnz

    Immundnz offers a comprehensive suite of assays to measure the direct and indirect immune response based on cutting edge immune response model, the 'Danger Model' coupled with an ultra sensitive assay for use in bioanalytical, pharmacokinetic and microdose studies of biopharmaceuticals.

  • Immune Insight Limited
    Immune Insight Limited

    Immune Insight Limited offers immune expertise as a consultancy service to pharma/biotech industries to support drug discovery programmes from early preclinical research through to clinical trials.

  • Inferstats

    Inferstats is a Statistical Consultancy providing trusted strategic partnering and operational services to clients in BioPharmaceuticals and Lifesciences.  We understand scientific, clinical and commercial issues and provide information which can be acted upon.  Consulting advice is backed up by relevant experience, an excellent reputation, and a personal service.  Our mission is to help our clients choose the right design, the right analysis and make the right decision first time.

  • Innovation Development Company
    Innovation Development Company

    Access expert advice and recommendations on how to get your innovation ready for the NHS market.

  • INSCX exchange Central Clearing Limited
    INSCX exchange Central Clearing Limited

    INSCX exchange is a self-regulating oranisation providing an electronic dealing platform specific to accredited, inspected and validated engineered nanomaterials, objects and devices, polymers, base oils and titanium dioxide. Operating as a formal commodity exchange, INSCX provides live markets for physical delivery of listed commodities during UK and North American business hours.

  • InSilicoLynx Limited
    InSilicoLynx Limited

    InSilicoLynx guides drug design by providing insights into pharmacokinetic (PK) risks. It offers a flexible package of chemoinformatic tools for understanding physicochemical and PK parameters. When combined with extrapolation methodologies, these will link chemical structure to in vivo exposure. Enabling cost-effective drug design workflows based on in silico methods.

  • Inspiral Biomedical
    Inspiral Biomedical

    Inspiral Biomedical is a unique research resource of >10,000 biological samples and clinical data (including blood, serum, plasma and DNA) obtained from patients with a variety of musculoskeletal conditions.

  • Integral Finance
    Integral Finance

    Integral Finance provide tailored financial business partnering to high-growth potential businesses, focusing mainly on life-science businesses

  • Intercytex Ltd
    Intercytex Ltd

    Intercytex Ltd is a product and services company specialising in Regenerative Medicines and ATMPs

  • In-Vivo Assays
    In-Vivo Assays

    In Vivo Assays (Ltd). We offer a wide range of study types; from high-throughput pharmacokinetic and brain penetration assays, to surgical models such bile duct cannulation studies and on to bespoke efficacy and toxicity models, including telemetry. 

  • Jackson Stephen LLP
    Jackson Stephen LLP

    Jackson Stephen LLP is one of the leading independent firms of Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers in the North West

  • Jelf Insurance
    Jelf Insurance

    Jelf is an award winning UK broker and a trusted adviser supporting entrepreneurial, innovative and leading edge businesses with advice on matters relating to insurance, employee benefits and financial planning.

  • JS ReproTox Solutions
    JS ReproTox Solutions

    JS ReproTox Solutions is a toxicology service that specialises in developmental and reproductive toxicology including preclinical support for paediatric development.  The service can design, monitor, interpret and defend reproductive toxicology packages for small molecule pharmaceuticals and biologics, to meet global registration standards.   JS ReproTox solutions Ltd is affiliated to Apconix Ltd, which can provide a wide range of toxicology services.  See website for details of services and affiliated toxicology specialists.

  • KBS Ltd
    KBS Ltd

    Experts in programme management of diagnostic devices, and intelligent pharma in support of commercial drug launches. Services include managing the development and manufacture of devices from PhI-IV, supply chain set up, management and administration of fulfilment programmes, development of diagnostic strategy to support drug launch, and management and coordination of in market commercial launch activities.

  • Kevin Pritchard Consulting
    Kevin Pritchard Consulting

    Consulting in policy, strategy and project delivery in life sciences and healthcare R&D.  Establishing and managing collaborations with for-profit, academic and non-governmental organisations: consortia and funding internationally.

  • Kidscan

    Kidscan is a children's cancer research charity, based at the University of Salford. We fund research into new and improved treatments for childhood cancer. Through research, we hope to change the future, so every child in the UK diagnosed with cancer can survive and thrive.

  • KLX Consulting Limited
    KLX Consulting Limited

    KLX Consulting Limited provides oncology clinical development expertise to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries

  • Knowledge Transfer Network
    Knowledge Transfer Network

    Knowledge Transfer Network is Innovate UK’s network partner and also provides innovation networking and support for other funders in line with its mission to drive UK growth.

  • Lhasa Limited
    Lhasa Limited

    Winner of the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise, Lhasa Limited is a pioneer in developing high quality software that delivers scientifically robust and trusted results. With knowledge of toxicology, metabolism and degradation chemistry, Lhasa draws upon over 30 years of experience to create state-of-the-art in silico prediction and database systems. 

  • Liconic UK Ltd
    Liconic UK Ltd

    Liconic UK Ltd, are the UK representative and service arm of Liconic AG a Wrold Leader in the manufacture and supply of Automated Laboratory Incubators and -80 Biostores. We also provide service and support on all 3rd party Laboratory hardware and software.

  • LightSwift Pharma
    LightSwift Pharma

    LightSwift Pharma is an executive pharmaceutical consultancy service up to the level of Senior Vice President in advising on drug development strategies from phase 1 through to launch and how best to achieve effective accelerated approval to get medicines to patients.  It also on organisational health in creating a global or national sense of community for large or small pharmaceutical organisations.  

  • Locus 360
    Locus 360

    The Lotus 360 Approach
    Our approach is aimed at those responsible for helping people and themselves, by changing behaviour to improve their health and wellbeing. 
    Vitalyse will help your business to formulate, develop and implement a proactive wellbeing policy to be goverened, assessed and monitored at all levels from directorship level and below.

  • Manchester Metropolitan University
    Manchester Metropolitan University

    Manchester Met conducts world-leading research in microbiology, movement disorders and musculoskeletal science, vascular and cardiovascular pathology, neuroscience, genetics, cell and molecular biology, rehabilitation and ageing, nutrition, and pharmaceutical chemistry. The University has excellent biomedical facilities and is open to new business collaborations to enhance existing translational research.

  • Marple Clin-Reg Consulting
    Marple Clin-Reg Consulting

    Marple Clin-Reg Consulting Limited provides freelance/contract services to Pharma, CROs and academia including medical (regulatory) writing services, and consulting for bespoke submissions/clinical development work based on 16 years’ experience gained in medical communications, clinical information management and program design roles in a top-ten global Pharma company.

  • MaxCyte

    MaxCyte is a leader in cell transfection, bringing to market its patented flow electroporation technology.  MaxCyte is focused on applying its significant capabilities in the discovery, development, and manufacturing of virtually all classed of innovative therapeutics targeting a broad range of chronic and acute diseases.

  • Medchemica Limited
    Medchemica Limited

    At the heart of MedChemica Limited is the SALTMINERTM consortium. Data from pharmaceutical companies are analysed and the knowledge of how to design drugs combined into a large database shared by all members. The resulting design rules are then applied to current projects to reduce cycle times. 

  • metaLinear

    metaLinear engineers microbial proteomes to identify novel targets for anti-infective drug discovery.

  • Metis Medical
    Metis Medical

    Metis Medical provides physician expertise and delivery support to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and financial services industries. A broad range of experience in Clinical Development, Medical Affairs, Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory allows large and small molecule project execution in all phases of development.  Metis Medical provides strategic and operational medical knowledge for project delivery.

  • Mewburn Ellis LLP
    Mewburn Ellis LLP

    Mewburn Ellis LLP is one of the UK’s largest intellectual property practices. Our biotechnology and life sciences team of patent attorneys is acknowledged as one of the largest and most experienced in Europe

  • MFL Science and Technology
    MFL Science and Technology

    MFL Science and Technology Insurance Brokers is a specialist insurance and risk management advisor to the Lifescience sector. Our solutions are tailored to early stage, pre-commercial businesses through to internationally trading public companies. We provide pragmatic advice and access to exclusive solutions.

  • Micregen Ltd
    Micregen Ltd

    An ageing unhealthy population is putting a strain on global health services and the number of society’s non-productive individuals is increasing. This will only improve when mankind's general health improves, or recovery speed from illness increases and there is sufficient capacity to treat the sick.

    Micregen are at the forefront of regenerative, reconstructive and anti-ageing stem cell therapeutics and aiming to provide a solution to this massive global problem by utilising the bodies natural healing processes to create a healthier world. 

  • Miller Economics Ltd
    Miller Economics Ltd

    Miller Economics Ltd, operating primarily in the health sector, will help you to clearly demonstrate to all your customer groups the true value of your product by delivering optimised Value Messages and Dossiers based on effective strategies, robust evidence and fit-for-purpose analytics.  We aim to help you secure optimal reimbursement, access, price and uptake so maximising the potential for your product.

  • MiNa Therapeutics
    MiNa Therapeutics

    MiNA Therapeutics is a biotechnology company pioneering transcriptional gene activation using small activating RNA (saRNA). saRNA provide a new way of stimulating a cell’s messenger RNA (mRNA) and protein production. saRNA therapeutics hold promise for many conditions and diseases that are untreatable with today’s conventional medicines

  • Mind Moose
    Mind Moose

    Mind Moose is a digital platform that supports good mental wellbeing in children, assisting with early identification and prevention of mental health issues.  

  • MolMart Ltd.
    MolMart Ltd.

    MolMart Ltd. is a Genomics company specialising in the diagnosis and prevention of rare genetic disease. We are using DNA sequencing technology and our own Bioinformatics platform for data analysis to deliver an accurate genetic diagnosis.

  • Nadia Turner Consulting
    Nadia Turner Consulting

    Nadia Turner Consulting Limited offers advice, facilitation and hands-on support to biopharmaceutical companies and service providers clients looking to deliver sustainable value from outsourcing or collaborative working. 

  • NeuDrive Limited
    NeuDrive Limited

    Neudrive Limited is developing patented technology for the production of  organic thin film transistors for use in flexible displays, sensors and diagnostic devices using high performance organic semiconductor materials. 

  • NHS@Alderley

    NHS@Alderley brings the Manchester clinical-academic campus to Alderley Park, providing industry with access to clinical expertise, patients, and world-leading facilities. 

    NHS@Alderley is delivered by CMFT, in collaboration with NHS and academic organisations in the North.

    We can assist with clinical validations, delivering clinical trials and advice on market access.

  • OBN

    OBN is the membership organisation supporting and bringing together the UK's emerging life science companies, corporate partners and investor, providing networking, partnering, group purchasing, advocacy and advice. Through BioTrinity (, UK's largest annual biopartnering and investment conference; OBN will generate more R&D-company-to-investor interactions than any other membership organisation in Europe.

  • Oncognition

    Consultancy support for oncology pre-clinical and translational science research.

  • OncoTherics

    OncoTherics is a new pharmaceutical company, focusing on the development of novel hypoxia-activated pro-drugs for the treatment of a wide range of cancers. The company was formed as a spin-out from BioStatus, to progress a novel small molecule, code-named OCT1002

  • Opallios Limited
    Opallios Limited

    Opallios specialises in pharmacovigilance and patient safety, drawing on more than fifteen years of pharmaceutical legal and regulatory experience. Opallios provides clear, focussed practical advice and results to CROs, medical and regulatory writers, clinical trial providers, pharmaceutical companies and other life sciences organisations including providers of market research, communications and marketing services. Opallios adds value by ensuring pharmacovigilance compliance and addressing regulatory, reputational and product liability risks.

  • PathCelerate Ltd
    PathCelerate Ltd

    PathCelerate are a consultancy-based preclinical research organisation

  • Patient Centred Outcomes Assessments
    Patient Centred Outcomes Assessments

    Our mission is to get the patient's voice heard through the successful selection, development, validation and implementation of clinical outcomes assessments (COA), which are used as primary or secondary endpoints in Phase II-IV clinical trials.  With over 20 years of experience in strategic COA consulting across therapeutic areas, we have helped clients successfully defend their COA's at the FDA and EMA, and use those outcomes to maximize market access and patient adherence.  

  • Patient Recruitment Consultancy
    Patient Recruitment Consultancy

    The Patient Recruitment Consultancy offers expert patient recruitment services, bespoke for each clinical trial, which are patient focused and cost effective for the sponsor which are patient focused and cost effective for the sponsor. We work to ensure the success of patient recruitment by Understanding the patient journey and the clinical study protocol,  Identifying the study journey and the investigational site,  Developing skills and capability assessments  or all individuals involved with patient recruitment and clinical trial delivery.

  • PDQ Specialist Couriers
    PDQ Specialist Couriers

    PDQ Specialist Courier Services provides customers with a unique temperature-controlled solution for the pharmaceutical, hazardous and scientific analysis industries.

  • Peak Proteins
    Peak Proteins

    Peak Proteins is a specialised laboratory based company providing services on any aspect of protein science including the generation and engineering of proteins and the elucidation of protein structural information in particular to facilitate structure based drug design

  • Pentland Training
    Pentland Training

    Pentland Training tailor and deliver on-site training courses and programmes. Our specialist training fields include Systems & Business Analysis, Project Management, IT Technical, Microsoft Office, and Personal & Management development.

  • PeptiGel Design
    PeptiGel Design

    Enabling plateforms for LifeSciences and MedTech products

  • Pharmalytical Services Ltd
    Pharmalytical Services Ltd

    Pharmalytical Services Limited provides analytical expertise to Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences organisations. 

  • Phastar

    PHASTAR work with small and large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to provide statistical consulting and to summarise, analyse and report clinical trials

  • Phoenix Biomedical
    Phoenix Biomedical

    Phoenix Biomedical will provide a direct service to cancer patients by rapidly profiling their tumour cells against a spectrum of anti-cancer drugs to identify the most effective agent for their tumour, by virtue of their response and identify potential new treatment that would not be indicated by current genetic approaches


    Pitch & Co are one of the UK’s top 100 branding and graphic design agencies, comes highly recommended by the Recommended Agency Register (RAR) and have won over 40 international awards for branding, design and advertising.

  • Pivotal 4pharma
    Pivotal 4pharma

    Pivotal 4pharma provides marketing strategy and medical communications support and expertise to pharma / biotech companies and medical communications agencies.
    Experienced in a broad range of therapy areas, with expertise in oncology, and in particular breast cancer.
    For one-off or long-term support, Pivotal 4pharma are perfectly positioned to help.

  • PJHW Consultancy
    PJHW Consultancy

    Independent consultant specialising in DMPK and PKPD
    I provide a number of services on a consultancy basis that include:
    • Review of drug discovery programmes: Project /portfolio / scientific strategies
    • Direct project involvement to advise on screening strategy/data analysis/ interpretation/compound design
    • Review of PKPD and translation strategies
    • Assessment of in-licensing /out-licensing opportunities
    • Preparation for External reviews of assets/programmes

  • Precision Medicines
    Precision Medicines

    Precision Medicines is a development stage oncology company dedicated to improving the lives of cancer patients by developing novel medicines with companion biomarkers that target genetically defined cancers

  • Premier Corporate Finance
    Premier Corporate Finance

    Premier Corporate Finance is a leading specialist provider of merger and acquisition advice to owners and manages of companies with values between £3m and £100m. We have particular expertise in Pharmaceutical and TIC (Testing, Inspection and Certification) sectors (as well as a number of others) having completed deals across the globe. Contact us for advice on any stage of your business life cycle and you wish to talk about funding, exit readiness and exit strategies.

  • Pronec Limited
    Pronec Limited

    Pronec is developing a new class of anti-cancer drugs that operate through a novel mechanism. Cancer cells require a high amount of energy to grow and repair their DNA. Pronec's HILR peptide analoques disrupt a tumour-specific energy pathway causing cancer cells to waste energy and they die through necrosis.

  • QT Informatics
    QT Informatics

    QT Informatics provides expertise in the use of modelling and simulation techniques to drug safety questions. We use computer simulations of novel compounds to provide graphical concentration effect curves for a number of key cardiac cell outputs, such as action potential duration and upstroke velocity. 

  • Quince Consultancy Limited
    Quince Consultancy Limited

    Whatever the business challenge you face, whether it is improving efficiency, strategy development and implementation, managing risk and compliance or re-structuring for growth, Quince Consultancy can work with you to develop a bespoke and holistic solution that gives you competitive edge.

  • Reach Separations
    Reach Separations

    REACH SEPARATIONS is a dedicated Chromatography Purification solution.  We have exceptional capabilities in Separation Science, offering custom solutions for companies in the Pharmaceutical Discovery and Fine Chemical environments. Our facilities are equipped with Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) and High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), providing high quality solutions in the right timescale.

  • Reacta Biotech Limited
    Reacta Biotech Limited

    Reacta Biotech’s product is an Oral Food Challenge (“OFC”) kit, whereby, under medical supervision, the patient with a possible food allergy eats a rising dose of the food allergen (masked in a food matrix) and the clinician observes the patient’s response. OFC distinguishes a genuine allergy from other adverse food reactions. It also enables the doctor to accurately establish the ‘threshold’ dose (ie the dose at which the allergic reaction commences), thereby allowing a more patient-tailored treatment plan. 

  • Reaxa Limited
    Reaxa Limited

    Reaxa delivers cleaner processes for clients through the use of encapsulated metal catalysts. Reaxa technology reduces metal contamination minimising work up times of reactions and can significantly increase overall yields of reactions.
    Reaxa’s new Nickel EnCat™ is a non-pyrophoric, recyclable replacement for Sponge Nickel catalysts in hydrogenation processes and compliments the Company’s other successful Palladium and Platinum catalyst products.

  • Redag Crop Protection Ltd
    Redag Crop Protection Ltd

    The Redox Switch™ platform has allowed Redag Crop Protection to secure novel intellectual property around existing best in class products through preparation of new compounds that are one or more oxidation state removed from the original.

  • Redx Anti-infectives Ltd
    Redx Anti-infectives Ltd

    Redx Anti-infectives Ltd is a UK-based pharmaceutical company developing new drug candidates using the broad-based potential of its innovative Redox Switch™ platform

  • Regulatory Science Associates
    Regulatory Science Associates

    Unbiased, world-class, professional advice and consulting services whether as your boutique toxicology, regulatory affairs and dossier preparation team, or your full technical support for safety science

  • Remap Consulting
    Remap Consulting

    Remap Consulting is a specialist pricing, reimbursement and market access consultancy offering an integrated, evidence-based, approach to optimising market access. Our strength lies our ability to understand the market access challenges from your perspective and to develop payer-focused solutions tailored to your business needs.

  • Revivocell Ltd
    Revivocell Ltd

    Revivocell is a new spin-out from Lancaster University which develops novel approaches for three-dimensional (3-D) cell culture growth in laboratory conditions and innovative methods for monitoring cellular changes non-destructively.

  • RL Biostatistics
    RL Biostatistics

    Rachael Lawrence is a freelance consultant statistician with extensive experience covering all aspects of pharmaceutical clinical development programmes. Through RL Biostatistics Ltd, Rachael provides statistical advice for Pharma, Biotechs and Diagnostic companies, she specialises in providing advice for clinical trial design and analysis involving personalised medicine and companion-diagnostic drug development.

  • Roylance Scientific
    Roylance Scientific

    Roylance Scientific provides dedicated pharmaceutical, biological, retained and disaster recovery storage solutions as well as equipment validation, servicing and sales.

  • RSM

    RSM is a leading provider of tax, accounting and business services

  • RWE Genesys
    RWE Genesys

    RWE Genesys is a global health economics and outcomes research and market access solution provider to the life science industry.

  • Safer Medicines Trust
    Safer Medicines Trust

    Safer Medicines Trust aims to change the way medicines are tested, to make them safer for patients, by encouraging a transition to more human relevant science. We also aim to show the benefits to medical progress offered by a focus on human, rather than animal biology.

  • Samtop Consulting Limited
    Samtop Consulting Limited

    Samtop provides affordable support and advice on how to establisg and develop a start up company.  The guidance is based on over 25 years commercial and operational experience of start ups, SME's and corporates across the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors in the UK, EU, USA and Asia

  • Scientific Laboratory Supplies Ltd
    Scientific Laboratory Supplies Ltd

    Scientific Laboratory Supplies Ltd are the largest independent and fastest growing supplier of laboratory chemicals, consumables and equipment in the UK.  We are distributors for the vast majority of leading brands within the laboratory supplies market.

  • Scientist

    Scientist is on a mission to empower and connect researchers worldwide. By enabling scientists to easily Outsource Everything But the Genius™, we are pioneering a faster, leaner and more innovation-centric approach to research. Our vision is to create a world in which scientists are limited only by their imagination.

  • Sci-telligent

    Pre-clinical data management consultancy with ~20 years experience developing solutions for data problems in pharmaceutical research. Databases, small applications, informatics, data exploitation and business intelligence covering chemistry and biological needs. Specialising in the in vivo domain.

  • Seda Pharmaceutical Development Services
    Seda Pharmaceutical Development Services

    We provide Pharmaceutical Development and Clinical Pharmacology services to the Pharma Industry
    We enable the rapid and efficient development of optimal medical products by providing coherent and synergistic services across four key areas:
    • Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls (CMC)
    • Clinical Pharmacology and Biopharmaceutics
    • Drug Delivery System Scouting
    • Due Diligence and Technology Assessment.

  • Sense Biostatistics
    Sense Biostatistics

    Sense Biostatistics Ltd provide specialist statistical consulting services to the pharmaceutical, biotech, and related industries. We use our expertise in early clinical development, pharmacogenetics, bio-marker discovery and validation, and personalised medicine to help you define research questions, design robust studies and clinical programmes, and to analyse and make sense of data you generate.

  • Sigma Aldrich
    Sigma Aldrich

    Sigma-Aldrich is a leading Life Science and High Technology company. Our biochemical and organic chemical products and kits are used in scientific and genomic research, biotechnology, pharmaceutical development, the diagnosis of disease and as key components in pharmaceutical and other high technology manufacturing.

  • SLD Solutions Limited
    SLD Solutions Limited

    SLD Solutions Limited provides high quality cross-functional consultancy, and interim project and line managment services in the clinical research and life sciences sectors

  • Smart Document Solutions
    Smart Document Solutions

    Smart Document Solutions has a track record of working with large multinational companies. In 2017 we launched SDS Medical Services (medical communications) using leading-edge technology such as Mixed Reality. We aim to help medical companies visualise and communicate statistical patient-related outcomes to different stakeholder groups; improve engagement, understanding and interest in your data; and share and use data throughout the drug trial lifecycle. 

  • Solanum Medical Communications
    Solanum Medical Communications

    Solanum Medical Communications provides consultancy to the pharmaceutical, biotech and device industries on medical publications strategy, planning, guidelines and ethics.  We have expertise in developing, implementing and training on ethical publications policy and guidelines in line with Good Publications Practice; Uniform Requirements (ICMJE), PhRMA & EFPIA publishing guidelines and the ISMPP Code of Practice for medical publications.


    SPF Consulting offers a comprehensive advice and consultancy service in the complex area of chemical legislation.  This provides you and your business simple, practical and compliant solutions in the following areas:

  • Spirit Medical Communications Group
    Spirit Medical Communications Group

    Spirit is an independent medical communications group that provides strategic and tactical solutions across the product lifecycle.

    We partner with clients at global, regional and local levels, across sectors including biotech, pharma, diagnostics and devices.

    Scientific excellence comes as standard, delivered by highly experienced communications professionals focused on your business needs.

  • Stormgazer Consulting Ltd
    Stormgazer Consulting Ltd

    Stormgazer Consulting provides project and programme management consultancy and interim management services with a special interest in clinical stage drug development in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries 

  • Symbiosis IP Ltd
    Symbiosis IP Ltd

    Symbiosis IP is a firm of Life Science patent attorneys that specialise exclusively in securing patent protection for our clients. We focus on early stage technology companies and SMEs and large pharmaceutical companies. We act for clients in the UK and the Far East securing their intellectual property in a seamless and cost effective fashion. 

  • SYNthesis Med Chem UK Limited
    SYNthesis Med Chem UK Limited

    SYNthesis med chem is a chemistry-focussed, CRO that provides custom synthesis, medicinal chemistry and integrated drug discovery services. SYNthesis operates a unique, “best of both worlds” business model combining medicinal chemistry and project management expertise based in the UK, USA and Australia with high quality, cost effective and scalable synthetic chemistry based in China. 

  • The AMR Centre
    The AMR Centre

    The AMR Centre is a key part the UK’s response to the global threat from Antimicrobial Resistance.  Based at Alderley Park, the AMR Centre is a joint private-public initiative to support the development of new antibiotics and diagnostics through a fully integrated development capability, offering translational R&D from pre-clinical hits through to clinical proof of concept.

  • The Patient Recruitment Consultancy
    The Patient Recruitment Consultancy

    The Patient Recruitment Consultancy offers expert patient recruitment services, bespoke for each clinical trial, which are patient focused and cost effective for the sponsor

  • The Research Network
    The Research Network

    The Research Network provides Pharmaceutical R&D scientific consultancy, project leadership and due diligence services

  • The Tech Lab
    The Tech Lab

    The Tech Lab is a diversified conglomerate offering a range of products

  • The University of Liverpool
    The University of Liverpool

    The Technology Directorate manages high end life science analytical facilities for the University of Liverpool. Centres of excellence in areas such as DNA sequencing, cell sorting and NMR metabolomics are available to support research projects on a collaborative or service basis. Project appraisal and advice from an experienced academic leader is available in all cases.  

  • The University of Manchester
    The University of Manchester

    Through our business services, we can support your organisation by giving you new perspectives and ways to succeed

  • ThriveMinds

    Welcome to ThriveMinds!

    Organisations, when faced with business development, problems or change go straight into developing a solution.  In doing so they remove the people element.  Only when they come to implementation do they consider the people.  This leads to modifications and watering down of their solution, which impacts its effectiveness and employee efficiency and engagement.

    ThriveMinds takes a different approach!  The people are included from the start.  We help you understand and define your situation.  Develop a solution together. Then Deliver it whilst including the people who are essential for success

  • UK Biostores and Services
    UK Biostores and Services

    Biological sample storage solutions, logistics and consultancy. We offer full relocation and a backup site for the storage of biological samples at our HTA licenced and ISO certified site.

  • University of Salford Manchester
    University of Salford Manchester

    The University of Salford (UoS) is widely regarded as one of the UK’s leading enterprise universities, with over 19,000 students, including 3,000 students from more than 100 countries around the world

  • Veramed

    Veramed is a Contract Research Organisation based in Manchester and London. Our team of expert statisticians and programmers provides high-quality analysis and consultancy of clinical trials (pre-clinical, Phase I to IV/late phase) across a variety of therapeutic areas for the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Vivonics Preclinical Ltd
    Vivonics Preclinical Ltd

    Vivonics is an independent contract research organisation established in 2015.  We specialise in assessing the effects of potential new medicines on vital organ systems: the cardiovascular, respiratory and central nervous system. Vivonics helps clients in pharmaceutical and biotech companies and also other contract research organisations with experimental services and consultancy.

  • VRS Recruitment
    VRS Recruitment

    For the last 15 years VRS has been the UK's market leading Analytical Chemistry recruitment consultancy. In addition to specialising in jobs within the field of mass spectrometry and chromatography, VRS has now expanded their recruitment services. VRS are now proud to offer recruitment solutions covering Life Sciences, Engineering and Sales, in the USA and on the Continent.

  • Waters

    Established in 1958,Waters is one of the largest companies in the analytical science industry, operating in 27 countries

  • Weightmans LLP
    Weightmans LLP

    A top 50 law firm, Weightmans understand the environment in which life sciences businesses work and the unique challenges involoved in fundraising, intellectual property, technology development and transfer

  • WI Life Sciences Ltd
    WI Life Sciences Ltd

    Our philosophy is simple; to create educational content that engages.  Wi Life Sciences develop education and communications for the bioscience industry and academia

  • WOCO Limited
    WOCO Limited

    WOCO provides a comprehensive service for claiming R&D tax credits

  • WRG

    WRG are a leading experiential communication agency creating unforgettable live events and communications solutions globally. Our Healthcare Communications division focuses on providing insightful medical communications and strategic planning for our healthcare clients. We always push communications to be as immersive, engaging, emotive and as thought-provoking as they can be.

  • YProTech


    YProTech Ltd is a UK Contract Research Organisation (CRO) providing specialist chemistry services and products to the life sciences sector and wider chemistry using industry. Our services include custom/contract synthesis, process optimisation & scale up and project/supply chain management. Our technology development activities include homogeneous catalysis, immobilisation and crosslinker chemistry.


  • Zebra26

    Bespoke consultancy empowering businesses to make informed decisions through insightful market intelligence & research. Using experience, knowledge, networks and technology to provide actionable results that makes your business stand apart. We focus on medical, health and well being businesses locally and globally

  • Zenzium

    Zenzium is a health data science company focused on providing actionable
    intelligence to support improved personal, patient, therapeutic or care outcomes

  • Zool Digital
    Zool Digital

    Whether you need to create a beautiful and functional website, or you wish to promote your existing site by enhancing your company’s digital marketing strategy, we are confident you will be delighted with our results


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